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  • Francesco

    Hello to everybody.

    In response to Trevor’s statement: “The Free version (which forms the core upon which the Pro addon is based) is now available and you can use it on live sites if you wish.” –> May I know exactly where it can be downloaded from? i can’t find any info on V3, or link to download, in my account section.
    Thank you.

    Trevor Moderator

    Thank you Trevor. I will definitely try it.
    However, the page still says beta version, while I had understood that the Free version was complete and ready to use. Should we consider the Free version 100% completed and ready for production site or not?
    Thank you again.

    Trevor Moderator

    It has to be labelled as Beta, but it is, effectively, the release version.

    Mateusz Kozłowski

    I purchased the SearchAndFilter paid plugin, but I haven’t used it in production yet due to an issue where URL changes do not work as expected. I’ve been patiently waiting for the new version that was supposed to include the URL change feature. However, it hasn’t been released yet, and now my license has expired. Will I have access to the new version if my license has already expired? I’m keen to understand my options moving forward.

    Thank you.

    Trevor Moderator

    I am sorry for how long it has taken. When you see V3 being released, then you will need to renew the licence to have access to the new version.


    Hello Trevor, any ideas about when V3 pro will be released? I wait for it to renew my license.

    Trevor Moderator

    Hi Rudi

    I have no date as yet, sorry.

    Sanjeev Veloo

    Any update on V3 progress? Would really find a filter by year from an ACF date picker field SUPER useful as I have to do workarounds for this particular feature for almost all my projects.

    Trevor Moderator

    I am not in the developer loop on the timing of V3, but did see this a few days ago:

Viewing 10 posts - 41 through 50 (of 50 total)

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