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  • Elisa Bertoldi

    I try to upload to 2.4.1 version but the upgrade fail.
    I have pro licence activate in my settings.

    Trevor Moderator

    At what point did it fail? Did WordPress give you an error message?

    Elisa Bertoldi

    I click on Upload plugin and wordpress say to me “upload fail”

    Anja Faeßer

    Same here. “Update Failed: Download failed. Unauthorized”.
    Key is active.

    Trevor Moderator

    That may mean that the license key needs some attention.

    Can you check in Your Account to make sure that the site is correctly registered in there? If it is not, please update it. Note that it will take maybe 15 minutes for our server to update your account records for EACH and EVERY change you make. So, make any changes, and then come back later to check that they have been made, then try the update.

    If that does not fix it, then you may need to update manually:

    Download the latest version from Your Account. Then,

    1. In the plugin settings you must have the Remove all data when deleting Search & Filter set to OFF, see in this screenshot:

    2. In WP Admin -> Plugins deactivate Search & Filter Pro, then delete it. If the plugin will not deactivate and/or delete, you may have to use ftp to delete the search-filter-pro in from the plugins folder.
    3. Then in WP Admin, Add new plugin, upload v2.4.6 and install/activate.

    None of your data/forms should be lost. But, to be safe, PLEASE MAKE A DATABASE BACKUP FIRST.

    Elisa Bertoldi

    ok i notice that the URL in My account is wrong.
    But I click “deactivate site” and nothing happen

    Trevor Moderator

    As I said, any changes you make (such as this) will take maybe 15 minutes to update on our server. It should have actioned your request to deactivate by now.

    Anja Faeßer

    The hint with the 15 minutes was the solution.
    Just had to wait a little bit and now it goes.

    Ali Hussein

    Hi, I had this issue today. Thrn, I realized I migrated the site, so the next thing for me was to update the license URL. Done.

    Now there is no update. I’m at 2.4.0

    Trevor Moderator

    As advised to others, you need to wait a while and then get WordPress to check again for updates. Otherwise follow what I said in post #170001

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 16 total)

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