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  • tlimmer


    we are currently having some trouble implementing Search and Filter Pro on our WP site. We created one custom post type (datasets) and two custom taxonomies (energy sources, projects) with the “Pods”-Plugin.

    Here is a link to a test page where Search and Filter Pro has been activated:

    However, we are facing the following three issues:
    1. Only posts and datasets featuring the Energy Sources taxonomy are returned as filtering result (even though there are several posts/datasets without this taxonomy)
    2. Filtering for a selection of multiple Energy Sources does not return any results at all
    3. Any filtering for projects is completely ignored

    We would be delighted about a fix for these issues. Thanks a lot!

    Trevor Moderator
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    This reply has been marked as private.
    Trevor Moderator

    My first thought is you are using Elementor Pro. You should use the method described here:

    It will require you to place a Post grid on the page. When doing that, leave it in default settings to test it all is working.


    Thanks a lot, that did indeed solve some of our problems. However – even though we closely followed the instructions – one issue remains: It is not possible to select multiple Energy Sources or Projects, SF does not return the correct result. We already tried the approach described as “Caveats” in the documentation, but unfortunately, the functionality resulting from this implementation is not what we try to achieve, because then, after applying one filter, not all of the checkboxes are displayed anymore. The user of our site should be able to select multiple Projects/Energy Sources by ticking multiple checkboxes.

    Trevor Moderator


    It appears you are currently editing the form.

    Did you set the Search Operator in the form field?

    OR means each term you select the number of results increase, AND means the more you select the less results you get.

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    Ross Moderator

    Hi there

    Trevor has asked me to look at this. I will be taking a look early tomorrow hopefully and will come back to you with any questions, and hopefully some answers.



    I have tried several times to post another answer on this topic, but unfortunately it does not show up when I click on the “Submit” button, but disappears and I get this message:
    “ERROR: Duplicate reply detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that.”
    Maybe it depends on the length of the answer because my short answer yesterday was posted.

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