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  • Max Waterman

    I can’t help but think it might be easier for me to continue with the non-pro version. I expect, with your help, I could modify it to filter the projects. I just need to know what URL to call to get the results I need based on the terms and tags selected by the user. I can then write the javascript to hide/show the projects as appropriate (I see from manually setting display:none that the other projects move left as I would expect).

    What do you think?


    Ross Moderator

    Hey Max

    If you wish to use AJAX then the page the search form is on must have a similar layout to the search results page.

    So, try disabling ajax, then check the page the widget is embedded, and the page with the search results, and they both have this container et_pb_portfolio_items and also that on the search results page this container does in fact have the correct results?

    The url that is called is exactly the same as the URL for non ajax results – it basically loads the next results page like normal, but via ajax, and finds your selector on this page (ie .et_pb_portfolio_items) then copies the results over in to the page you are currently on.

    In terms of going back to the drawing board and customising the free version to use ajax, that is up to you, but this is exactly the process I did and you have paid for this plugin so I would of course not recommend it for several reasons.

    I won’t be able to help you set this up unfortunately thats out of the scope of support – but setting up this plugin to work as intended is!


    Max Waterman

    OK, I see.

    Well, I found a jquery selector that gave one result back for both the all page and the results page (tested by manually running jQuery(…).length and seeing it was 1): “.et_pb_portfolio_items,#left-area”

    However, the layout is quite different.

    In the results page, it is one project on top of another, listed down the page; but on the all page, they are tiled across the page, in four columns.

    I guess that is why it still doesn’t work, right?


    Ross Moderator

    Hey Max, in addition the selector must also contain the main query and the looping (on the search results page) then on the page with the widget results will be loaded in to that.

    You need to check what hte container is on your results page which contains all your results, then you should add an ID to help identify it more easily, then on the page with your widget you should also make sure there is a container with this ID and you should be good to go!

Viewing 4 posts - 11 through 14 (of 14 total)

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