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  • Peter


    I have Search/Filter Pro 2.50 installed on the website and suddenly when I try to edit or add a page or post it is empty and the permalink is:

    When I disable the plugin everything works fine.
    Here is a screenshot of how it looks like:
    Edit post screen

    I already tried to reset the permalinks but the problem persists.

    Molly Doolittle

    I am having the same issue! Subscribing!

    Trevor Moderator

    This sounds like a plugin conflict. Can you first deactivate all other plugins and test, and if that works, then reactivate them one at a time?


    I also have the same problems. I also use the Avada theme, so I think the issue is with that theme and the required plugins Fusion Builder or Fusion Core.

    I have tried to disable all other plugins, but it doesn’t help.

    You can still edit a page with “Fusion Builder Live”, but it is still a bug…

    Trevor Moderator

    I can see that Peter’s site is also Avada. What is your theme Molly?


    I can not create a new page, post or post type at all. I have to deactivate the Search & Filter plugin to have the ability to use the back-end of Avada at all. This is a serious conflict with this filter and Avada 6.2

    Please look into this asap!

    Ross Moderator

    Hi all

    I’m looking at this today! Hope to have an update soon.

    I’ll follow up with any questions.


    Molly Doolittle

    Yes I have Avada as well. It was happening before updating to Search and Filter PRO 2.5. It started happening after updating a few other plugins and the Avada theme. So I think you are on the right track there. If I deactivate Search and Filter PRO, then it works.

    It looks like it’s kicking me to edit one of the Search Forms every time I click on Edit. It always goes to the same page with the same permalink that has this at the end: ?search-filter-widget=4637-2

    Hope that helps!


    I use the latest version of Avada (6.2) with all Fusion patches applied and everything else is up to date. PHP version is 7.2.


    What’s the status on this issue? Can’t edit any page or post unless I deactivate your plugin on the site…

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 21 total)

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