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  • Trevor Moderator

    So, it might be just that one filter? Try making it draft again (if you can), and then make an entirely new form (do not clone or duplicate from the old one). I am thinking the form may have become corrupted somehow.

    Jason Hodge

    There appeared to be two forms that were broken. I have recreated these and the site seems to be OK.

    Is this a common occurrence? At least I know how to fix, but I would rather prevent it happening again?

    Jason Hodge

    Spoke too soon -just crashed… will investigate

    Trevor Moderator

    I have seen a form being corrupted this way before, but is is very rare. In the other instances, the users found problems with their SQL server (when checking the SQL error logs), where their SQL server was crashing and rebooting. When it did this, the site would lock up. As far as I can recall, it usually takes intervention from their host support to fix the issue.

    Jason Hodge

    Still struggling here

    Now it appears that I can’t upgrade the plugin because the licence is not correct? Do you have an issue with the site serving the licence?

    Jason Hodge

    I totally deleted the installation, cleaned out database to make additional space.

    Created one form and started the cache.

    While this is running I am getting this:
    Error Code: 499

    POST /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php?action=process_cache&process_id=1604923879 HTTP/1.1

    Source: nginx SSL/TLS access

    Is this related?

    Trevor Moderator

    I have referred this issue to the plugin developer, Ross, for his input.

    Jason Hodge
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    Ross Moderator
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    Jason Hodge

    It was medium until I deleted – when I reinstalled it went to low. Still causing problems. Up to date both wordpress & S&F

Viewing 10 posts - 11 through 20 (of 37 total)

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