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  • Trevor Moderator

    You would need to use free resources, like the excellent code Q&A site

    Wherever they need to fetch the post ID, use the WordPress get_the_ID() function instead of other methods they may suggest (for example, do not use $post->ID).

    Rather than using the search on their site, I use a google search like this:

    yohann courty

    Ok thanks, I succeeded to customize the results.

    I have again 2 questions about the plugin, can you please respond :

    1. Is it possible to filter products by price ?
    2. Is it possible to sort result by price, date ? (I haven’t found these field in the Sort Order Field)


    Trevor Moderator

    Both price and date are likely to be Post Meta (Meta Keys), they should be in the list of data types you can filter.

    yohann courty

    Hi Trevor,

    Ok many thanks for your help and quick reply, everything is working now !
    Just a last question, how can I translate all the text in French please ?


    Trevor Moderator

    Is this text in the form, if so, which text?

    yohann courty

    I would like to translate the label “All” in the dropdown field of the search and filter bar. In example, for the attribute “localisation”, the default value of the dropdown field is “All localisation”.

    Trevor Moderator

    If you edit the form, in the Form UI, you can change/set the ALL label yourself.

    yohann courty

    Ok thanks, Sorry but I have another question, is it possible to convert a product attribute filter (taxonomy field) to a slider field like price (Post meta field) ?

    Trevor Moderator

    I am sorry, it is not.

    yohann courty
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Viewing 10 posts - 11 through 20 (of 29 total)

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