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  • Arnaud de Berranger

    hii i need help i already installed search and filter pro and it was working fine till i enabled woocommerce wpml addon i have 6 more language in my site i am using wp all import plugin for import woocommerce products when i enabled translation and import products with language then products are imported successfully with translations in backend but these product and filters not coming on my search result page i also enabled translation of search and filter in wpml but page still same no result found i don’t know what happened when we enable translation can you help me soon as it is very urgent project and we don’t have much time.

    Trevor Moderator

    Are you using the code mentioned in this post in the functions.pgp file?

    Arnaud de Berranger

    hii Trevor i just applied the same code in my theme function file but still issue is same can you please check what is happening why filters and result not coming it was working but when i import product by wp all import it stops working here is link “”.

    Arnaud de Berranger

    hii trevor can you please reply fast as it is urgent project i am now able to show filter and results with your code and when i delete my all products and upload again by wp all import pro but now issue is coming when i change language to english and then when i select any filter then it switch back to my default language fr and result also coming in fr it should not happen what i want is when i select any filter in english language i got the result from english language do you have any idea how i can achieve this

    Arnaud de Berranger

    hii i followed this post “” but last step not getting “An additional step when using a shortcode to display results” can you tell me how can i do this step i followed all previous steps

    Trevor Moderator
    Arnaud de Berranger

    hii trevor yes i followed the same steps i am using shortcode is there any way to alter “Template Options” url according to language

    Trevor Moderator

    You mean this option:

    You should have one form per language, so you could edit the Results URL for each, but I am not sure if it would work if you have a different URL. Did you try it?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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