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Support Forums Forums Search & Filter Pro Will this plugin work with Oxygen Builder?


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  • Bjarni Wark

    I wanted to ask if anyone has used this plugin with Oxygen Builder?

    Oxygen builder is very selective by what I read with waht plugins it will work with.

    Trevor Moderator

    I am not aware of any special needs or process needed. Have you built a form to test it? If the standard methods do not work, maybe an approach similar to this method might:

    Bjarni Wark

    Have not tested yet, thought I would ask first if anyone was aware of it does or does not work.

    Trevor Moderator

    Ah, OK. Let me how you get on?

    Bjarni Wark

    Looks like it does not work.

    Bjarni Wark

    Enter the filename of the custom template:

    The template will be loaded from your theme directory.

    Oxygen Builder does not use a theme so you cannot create a custom search.php template file.

    Trevor Moderator

    Do you try this type of method:

    Obviously, that method refers to the third party plugin, but replace any references to Post Grid to whatever Oxygen uses to output the posts/archive/grid?

    Bjarni Wark

    Didn’t work.

    Trevor Moderator

    Thanks for letting me know.

    That means you would need to use our shortcode method:

    Or use a third party grid builder that we support, such as WP Bakery Page Builder (from CodeCanyon), Divi Builder, Beaver Builder, Elementor Pro or the free (or Pro) Post Grid plugin.

    Christian Crivellaro

    so I was able to make Oxygen and Search&filter work together.
    I use a Repeater element in Oxygen (like post grid (for elementor) o easy post for Oxygen, with the custom query “search_filter_id=myid”, and work pretty well! Ajax posts update too!
    But I have two problems
    I can’t change dynamically the “select” content, (I try to enable auto count, etc. or add the second shortcode for filter next query, but doesn’t work), so if I select the first custom taxonomy, in the second dropdown I see all the taxonomy term, even if there is 0 count.
    The second problem I can’t output a “Not found post” message. Of course, if I can filter correctly my select, can be a no problem at all, or maybe I need to know how to access the PHP query results, so I can show the message with a condition like “found 0 post=show the message”.

    Let me know
    Thank you

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 22 total)

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