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  • Luciano Lucas

    Hi again,

    I had 2 questions:

    1. My Woocommerce store uses Variable Products. All variations came from one Attribute (Format). Filtering products by this Attribute gets all the products sharing the same Format, but the price displayed under each product is a range price for all variations, not the price for this selected Format. This way it’s impossible to do further filtering based on Format + Price. Any way to solve this?

    2. I use an ACF date field for my products (to display Packing Date). As the Date picker doesn’t make sense in my searches (user needs to select by month/year) I’m using Choice/Dropdown to display my dates on the search form and adjusted the ACF fields to display Month/Year only. It works, but I get duplicated options on the dropdown. I’m forced by ACF to select a D/M/Y for each product and, as the Days can be different from one product to another, multiple options are added to the dropdown (all displaying same month/year). Is it possible to “group” options so I don’t have duplications on this Dropdown?

    Luciano Lucas
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    Trevor Moderator

    I think I may have answered #1 in my other reply (and not what you wanted to hear).

    #2 Each of the labels that are the same actually relate to a different date, so that would not work.

    If the data was without the slashes, then it would be a number, and you could manually create the labels and ranges for each option. But, this would mean manually updating the form each month, and figuring which months need to be omitted. Neither is an effective solution. The only way you can do it for now would be to have a second date field, which has just month and year in. You could make this autopopulated whenever a post is saved.

    This post (not quite the same) shows the methodology:

    Luciano Lucas

    Great, I will explore this route for #2, it could work 🙂

    For #1, I’m not sure we are talking about the same thing:

    Formato is an Attribute and creates Variations for the same product. I want to be able to select any Formato choice and get as a result a list of the variations for this Formato, not the products containing the variations. Something similar to what this plugin does: but paired with filtering, so it only shows Variations when I select them (and not all variations always, as this plugin does)

    I can imagine that this is not possible out of the box, but maybe you have any idea on how we can solve this…

    Thanks a lot!

    Trevor Moderator

    I think I understand, but I do not know if it is possible. I have referred your question to the plugin developer, Ross, for his input.

    Ross Moderator

    Hi Luciano

    Regarding #1 – I’m not sure its possible.

    Right now we work the same way as default WooCommerce, which is to dislay the parent product in the shop only, and if variation is matched, the parent is displayed.

    Clicking on the product will show usually show the product, with the variations that are available.

    We hope with S&F version 3.0 (or shortly after) to make it possible to also show variations as individual results.

    Shame we don’t support this at the moment!


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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