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  • realityhouse

    Hi Ross and Trevor,

    Just a quick one, it seems that all of a sudden across all our sites when we try to update it’s hitting the following error:

    An error occurred while updating Search & Filter Pro: Download failed. Unauthorized

    I know there’s been historic issues around this, so is it just the same problem, we’ve been pretty lucky and rarely had it which is good, but as it’s now on all sites, I just wanted to check what’s the quickest way of solving and getting them updated? 🙂

    Many thanks as always,

    Trevor Moderator

    If you log in to your account on our site, does it show the correct domain as being activated for the licence key?

    Look in my account -> view licenses -> manage sites.

    You may need to deactivate the site in your WordPress admin and reactivate it.


    Hi Trevor,

    Thanks ever so much for this, just logged in and no, not all sites are shown within the manage sites section. But they were all updating fine until this last update, do you know what might have caused that?

    I will of course go in and add the sites that aren’t in the list.

    Many thanks :),

    Trevor Moderator

    I am not sure what the issue may have been, but has that now solved the problem?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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