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  • Danica Cheslofska

    Greetings! We are currently running version 2.3. I am testing several updates on a staging server, including upgrading to PHP 7.2, which breaks the filter. I need to test that installing the update of the filter will fix the PHP issue before making the change on the live server, however I cannot deactivate my license on the live site for some reason. Can you help? Or can you assure me that the plugin update will fix the php issue before I upgrade live? Thanks!

    Trevor Moderator

    Hi Danica

    Are you able to tell me what the error message is, as we are not aware of any issues with PHP7.2? Where do you see this error? Admin, front end, and on what page, doing what?

    Danica Cheslofska
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    Trevor Moderator

    You appear to be using a quite old version of our plugin, and this requires to be updated to 2.4.6.

    As you had a very old version, be careful to update according to this guidance:

    Please make a full site backup.

    With such an old version, you should NOT delete the plugin from the plugins page in your WP Admin, as doing so will delete your forms also. This is not an issue with more recent versions.

    You need to do the update manually (after downloading the latest version from your account area):

    Manual installation instructions:

    1) Deactivate S&F Pro in WP Admin Plugins page (do NOT delete the plugin from within WP Admin Plugins page; otherwise you will lose your search form)
    2) Via FTP (or cpanel file manager if you have it), delete search-filter-pro folder from the wp-content\plugins folder on your server. If you wish to keep the folder, just in case, do NOT rename it, instead move it UP a folder into the wp-content folder.
    3) Unzip the file that you have downloaded (if you are using cPanel File manager, you can upload the zip file and then extract it in the plugins folder).
    4) Upload the search-filter-pro folder to the wp-content\plugins folder on your server.
    5) Activate Search & Filter Pro in WP Admin Plugins page.

    You should also re-build the Search & Filter cache also (edit any form and the button to rebuild the cache is in the meta panels at the side).

    Danica Cheslofska

    Hi Trevor,

    I know we’re running an old version, that is the first thing I wrote in my initial question. I need to be able to test the updates on our staging server, but cannot do this because our license is activated on the live site. This is my issue. Can you help with this?


    Trevor Moderator

    A manual update, which the previous message shows how to do, does not require the license to be activated, or even if it is activated on the wrong site, that will not cause a problem.

    Danica Cheslofska

    Ah, okay – I will try this direction and follow-up regarding the PHP issue. Thank you!

    Danica Cheslofska

    Everything is working now. Thank you very much!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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