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  • Peter Matthews


    The S&F Pro plugin is no longer working correctly on my site.

    I am running v2.3.4 and have renewed my license so that I can update to v2.5.0 and hopefully fix the issue.

    Unfortunately the system isn’t showing any updates. I Can’t upload the new version of the plugin directly unless I delete the old version, but then I will lose my data.

    Can you please advise on this?

    Very best,


    Trevor Moderator

    In Your Account, is the site listed as activated?

    I think that the version you have is pointing to our old domain, so will not see the updates.

    Download the latest version from Your Account area as a zip file.

    If you then install and activate the plugin below, it will then let you install this latest version of our plugin using the Add new Plugin -> upload method without the error message that normally appears warning you the plugin is already installed, thus preserving the settings and forms, etc:

    You can remove that plugin once done (but it is a useful developer tool).

    Trevor Moderator

    Thanks for letting me know this worked. I will close this thread for now.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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