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  • Ralf Lammer

    Hi Trevor,

    first i really love your plugin!

    .. but i have some problems with the results.

    1. if there are no results found, i don’t see the filter on the left sidebar and a message like: “no results founds”. i just see the header and footer. no content!

    how can i solve this problem? maybe it’s just a settings problem?

    2. i use custom fields to check prices and years.

    for this custom fields i display the fields as “numerical data” with the input field “range-slider” and as “plain text”. decimal is off and the auto detect for min. and max.value are active.

    the problem:

    in example: if i change another custom field like a dropdown-field, the min and max value for the price and the year don’t change!

    so it’s always possible, that there are no results found.

    how can i fix that?

    the project is privat, so i cant’t post the link inside here. but i can give you an user to log in to the backend


    Trevor Moderator
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    Ralf Lammer
    This reply has been marked as private.
    Trevor Moderator

    Hi Ralf

    It looks like you are using Elementor to display the ‘results’, and thus should be using a different method to join our form to the results.

    You have a shortocde in the sidebar:

    [searchandfilter id="216"]

    But it needs two shortcodes (I have done this for you):

    [searchandfilter id="216"]
    [searchandfilter id="216" action="filter_next_query"]

    Then the form needs to be setup differently on the Display Result settings tab, so I have set this up for you also:

    I am not sure this will work, as I have not tested with the Jet Engine. I cannot see any pagination, so I am unsure if this is correct.

    Can you give this a try?

    The other issue. I am sorry, but Auto Update does not apply range fields. It is intentional, as to enable these has unintended consequences.

    Read more about this here:

    Ralf Lammer

    Hey Trevor,

    thx a lot! Now it works fine. it’s simple but perfect! 🙂

    But to do this, i had to change also the general settings for the elementor widget for listing grids. there is an option to use it as archive template, which was activated. i had to deactivate it to show now the results too.

    thumbs up!

    Greetz from Germany

    Trevor Moderator

    Great. Thanks for letting me know. I will close this thread for now.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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