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  • Veronique Svarstad
    We don’t want this reset button where there is no filter selected.

    Trevor Moderator

    I understand, and it is a good idea. Where on the page is the Search & Filter form? I would need to see it to know whether it can be done using code, as there is no plugin UI option to do this.

    Veronique Svarstad

    Please see on top
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    is the search filter

    The reset button is always there. No filter is selected then why its showing the reset button. please check carefully and let us know the solution.

    Trevor Moderator


    That is not one of our forms.

    Veronique Svarstad

    I’ve customized its style mate. Its from your plugin. I can give you backend access to check

    Trevor Moderator

    Ah. I guess it works, but I suspect it would not in ajax mode?

    If you have access to the PHP template file that is the one that outputs the while loop (inside the products container), you could add some PHP and use that to include some CSS to hide the reset button, like this:

    global $searchandfilter;
    $sf_current_query = $searchandfilter->get(1234)->current_query();
    if (!($sf_current_query->get_search_term()=="") { <?
    .woof_submit_search_form_container {display: none;}
    <?php } ?>

    Note: you would need to change the ID number, and it looks like you don’t have a search box, so this should work.

    BTW, I think you need to add style like this also (generally):

    .woof_redraw_zone {display: flex;}

    This will stop content from below bleeding on to the ‘menu/form’.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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