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  • Luke Hartman

    A lot! 409 to be exact.

    We uploaded all of the post data via the WordPress Importer Plugin but if we re-uploaded the posts we would have to manually add all the images for each 😐

    Hmmmm. . .

    Trevor Moderator

    Unless you want to write a program to edit the database, or you fancy opening and then saving each one in the WP editor, the only way I can think of doing it would be to manually edit the database. It would take you maybe two hours if you got the query right to find all the records.

    Luke Hartman

    Gotcha. I’m not really a database kinda guy. But I was also thinking. If I [1] delete the premiere_date ACF [2] create an entirely new ACF with a new title( ex. release_date or something) [3] change all of the dates in the Google Sheet to Ymd format and [4] re-import all of the catalog items but select the release_date for my “Premiere Date” [5] change any field names in my template files from premiere_date to release_date. Wouldnt that do the trick since we are creating a new database table/row/column?

    I could also clean up the database a bit with the [Optimize Database Plugin](

    What do you think?

    Luke Hartman





    Trevor Moderator

    Would that not delete all the images? Or would a normal import overwrite the existing data, in which case why make a new field, why not simply convert the data into the same field?

    Luke Hartman

    Very smart thinking! The Importer Plugin updates the fields. Let me try a quick sample. . .

    Trevor Moderator

    It is late here (gone 6PM), so I am now off for the weekend.

Viewing 7 posts - 11 through 17 (of 17 total)

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