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  • Diego Chang

    Hi Rose

    I use S&F pro plugin in Avada theme and use the portfolio type try to make the product filter.
    You can see the categories & taxonomies works fine and display product count number normally.

    I have tried the method in this page suggestion “”

    In the S&F -[Display results] choose the [As an archive page] option, and make a copy of serach.php an rename it to search-filter.php and remove the code in line 71 “query_posts($query_string.’&posts_per_page=’.$smof_data[‘search_results_per_page’].’&paged=’.$page_num);

    In the [Advance] option page checked the [Force is_search to always be true?]

    But when I use the three level filter try to find my product, the search result still show nothing(wrong).

    I had try different methon a couple days and still can solve the problem.
    Do I make something lose in the setting? or how should I do so I can get the right result?
    Please help me.

    The setting option image

    Ross Moderator

    Thanks Diego, its a national holiday here so I may not be able to look at this for a couple of days.



    Hi again Ross,

    I recently switched to Avada per your recommendation, and currently have the same exact issue as Diego.

    After performing all of the steps outlined by Diego, I am in the same boat. No results are showing up. Error “Couldn’t find what you’re looking for”.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Ross Moderator

    Hi both will have a look later on.

    I’ve only tested this with the default search template, as per the instructions on the FAQs, however I’ll take a quick look this evening and see if I can get it working.

    Can you confirm that you are trying to set it up with search.php?

    Also, I may be using a slightly out of date version of Avada – can you both let me know which versions you are using?


    Diego Chang
    This reply has been marked as private.

    I can confirm that I am indeed using the standard search.php (duplicated and renamed to search-filter.php)

    Also I am running Avada 3.7.1

    Ross Moderator

    Looking at this now – hopefully its something simple! ;(

    Diego Chang

    Really hope S&F pro can work with Avada theme asap.

    Ross Moderator


    So I downloaded the latest version of Avada and did a test with the Search template – all working! There may be another gotcha in those templates!

    So the first thing I did was comment out line 71:


    I built a search form with a Search Field, and submit button – did a test, it worked great.

    After I did a search again, with no search term entered (a blank search) – then I got no results, instead of the list of all results I was expecting from S&F…

    What I realised was, Avada checks to see if there is a search term in the url (?s=search+term) before displaying the results.

    So, if you are using S&F without a search field, or want to submit a blank search there is one more step to take.

    Line 74 checks to see if there are posts AND a search term before displaying results, so:

    <?php if ( have_posts() && strlen( trim(get_search_query()) ) != 0 ) : ?>

    Should be changed to:

    <?php if ( have_posts() ) : ?>

    I hope that it!!


    Diego Chang


    You are so great! YA~YA~ Thanks!
    Finally I can show the website product filter result to the company PM.
    I’m really happy now.Ha.
    Thanks again.

    Another question, how should I can display the search result layout look like the Avada search result?

    The S&F serach result:

    The Avada search result:

    Should I make the search result redirecting or use another php program?
    Thanks again


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 19 total)

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