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  • Trevor Moderator

    This setting you mean:

    Does using that setting actually do anything for you?

    It’s purpose is to detect a taxonomy/category/tag archive page, work out what the term is, and set the field related to that taxonomy/category/tag to that term in the form. It is usually used in conjunction with forms set to display using the Post Type Archive method (or WooCommerce).

    It looks like you have set the Home page up as the archive page for Posts, which is what you are searching. Did you try that display method?

    Philippe Hong

    Thanks Trevor. I just tried to display the results as Post Type Archive and I have more success with it, the pagination works. Although as soon as you combine it with a category or date filter, the pagination won’t work again… is it something related to the pagination itself or the settings of the S&F plugin? Thanks again

    Philippe Hong

    Also when selecting the category just by itself and navigating with the pagination, it unselects by itself the selected category and goes to the second page of all categories.

    Trevor Moderator
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    Philippe Hong
    This reply has been marked as private.
    Trevor Moderator

    Great to speak with you Philippe. You are going to do some testing:

    1. Use current theme and try the As a Shortcode method.
    2. Use the TwentyFourteen theme with the As an Archive and/or Post Type archive method(s).
    3. Try deactivating as many plugins as possible with the As an Archive and/or Post Type archive method(s), with both the current theme and the TwentyFourteen theme.

    The purpose is to try to tie down where to issue is coming from.

    Philippe Hong

    Thanks Trevor, it was indeed another plugin… Thanks for your help, especially on the weekend! massive thanks!

    Trevor Moderator

    May I ask which plugin it was?

    Philippe Hong

    shamelessly I have to say it was facetwp. I was trying those two plugins but forgot to delete it… Thanks for the help anyway!

    Trevor Moderator

    LOL. Thanks for letting me know. I will close this thread for now.

Viewing 10 posts - 11 through 20 (of 20 total)

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