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  • Michal Chemo

    for some dynamic reasons I;m storing on each post type (profiles) some data inside WP user profile and not post type itself.
    But in search – I need to combine results from both.

    Is there any option to add user meta fields on search?
    If not, can you reccomend best approach to do so with hooks or something?


    Trevor Moderator

    At this time (and this may change for V3, which is still some months away), we do not index or cache data in the user table in WordPress, so accessing any data stored there is not possible, sorry.

    Sebastian Schimpf

    Hi Trevor,

    a client is asking me to change a user database that is currently running based on a search in custom post types to be set up using the WordPress user database.
    Is this something your plugin can support?
    Or is it coming very soon?

    Trevor Moderator

    The prior post pretty much sums it up I think. Not right now, but it is planned.

    Oliver Moritz

    Since this topic is more than 3 years, I’d like to know, if there are any news about this feature.
    In my case im storing post ids in the user_meta data, so users have their own favorite list of posts.
    Now, I want limit the search form on posts which the current user has faved.

    Any ideas if this could be possible?


    Trevor Moderator

    It proved much harder than we thought to get V3 done, but we are now on the final stretch, but I cannot give you a date just yet.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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