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  • Maeng cheol young


    I am using Woocommerce membership plugin.
    And I checked content restriction mode “Hide completely” (removes all traces of content for non-members).

    But when I using Search&Filter’s search form, all posts appear in the search filter and you can even view the contents.

    When user search something by search&filter form, how do I restrict viewing content that user do not have access to?

    Thank you.

    Trevor Moderator

    Do you need members and non-members to be able to use the same search form on the same search page? My guess is yes.

    Do you know where the setting is saved in the database? Against each ‘product’, it is likely to be a custom field I think.

    My first thought is that you will need to modify the query being run so that the membership status of the user is first checked (check if use is logged in, then check role – you might want admin and other roles as well as members to see products). If not a ‘member’ (etc) then filter out restricted content with an extra filter argument, using this filter:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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