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  • Natalia Boltukhova

    I was hoping to make this plug in work with my NextGen Pro Galleries so that users would be able to filter-search tagged images and see the results in a gallery (for example, a user wants to see just the photos that I had tagged “mountains in Spain” or “blue lake”; I was able to make your plugin pick up on those tags, but the results do not display in the way I would like them to (i.e. in the same gallery format (NextGen Pro) that the rest of the images are in). I do not believe this is possible unless it’s coded directly into NextGen .php file (which I have requested from NextGen at this point, but it might be awhile). If you have a suggestion, I’m happy to consider it. Otherwise, please refund.

    Trevor Moderator

    How are the galleries placed on the page?

    Do they use a shortcode?

    If so, I presume the gallery you want to filter is on a specific page?

    If that is the case, it may be possible to get it to work using an additional shortcode immediately preceding the gallery shortcode. It would look something like this:

    [searchandfilter id="185" action="filter_next_query"]

    Where the ID would be that of your search form. Initially, you should turn off Ajax loading of results to test this.

    This shortcode does NOT output the actual form, it is merely a ‘glue logic’ shortcode.

    In the form design, you should set the Display Results Method to Custom, and enter the full URL of the page it is on.

    Natalia Boltukhova

    Hey Trevor,

    The galleries are not placed as a shortcode. NextGen uses their own code and it’s basically a template. From where I am at (with my limited freedom to modify as well as lack of coding experience), I can’t modify it without ruining the whole website (tried that once, that’s how i know).

    The way you suggested, the images do not pull automatically into a similar gallery format that the one that I am searching within (on the user’s/customer’s end).


    Trevor Moderator
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    Natalia Boltukhova
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    Ross Moderator
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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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