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  • Richard Vermeer


    I sent 2 mails via the contactform on your website, but no respons. I have a pre purchase question.

    I was wandering if it is possible with this plugin to set up a filter that can do a query/take data from two different plugins in our website? In our new website we have a jobboard and an events/workshops solution (Eventon). We want the websitevisitor, through a filter, to be able to search both solutions (events and jobboard) e.g. by using an interest/category we define in both solutions. Is it possible with this plugin to create a filter that selects both the correct events as the correct jobs in the jobboard?

    Thank you for your respons.



    Trevor Moderator

    You want the filter to be able to look at the ‘interest’ on two different post types, where those post type data are stored in the site WordPress database?

    Using a taxonomy (which is what a category is) on two different post types is not recommended in WordPress. For this it is recommended to use a custom field attached to both Post Types. Using a plugin like ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) you can do this, then, yes, our plugin can search both post types at the same time and return results from those.

    Richard Vermeer

    Hi Trevor,

    Thank you for your respons. Exactly what I mean indeed. Okay I can do this by using a custom field and add this custom field both to our events and jobs in the website. I understand. After defining the custom field I can use the Search and Filter plugin to get this custom field from the database to apply the filter.

    Thank you very much for your help!



    Trevor Moderator

    Pleased I could clarify that for you.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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