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  • Carol Devlin

    Attempting to update 2.4.6 >>> 2.5.0, but everytime I try the plugin yields the error message “Update Failed: Download failed. Unauthorized”.

    ID # 227613

    Trevor Moderator

    In Your Account, is the site listed as activated?

    You can also download the latest version from Your Account area as a zip file and then install it manually.

    It is easier if (before you try to manually up[date our plugin) you install and activate the plugin below, it will then let you install this latest version of our plugin using the Add new Plugin -> upload method without the error message that normally appears warning you the plugin is already installed, thus preserving the settings and forms, etc:

    You can remove that plugin once done (but it is a useful developer tool).

    Carol Devlin

    Yes, the plugin is activated., That said, I downloaded and activated the plugin that you recommended.

    Two questions: below are the instructions that the plugin provides to upgrade a plugin. Re: Step 2….where do I locate a recent version of zip file to download?

    1. Make sure this plugin is installed and activated.
    2. Download zip file of your plugin’s most recent version.
    3. Log in to WordPress as and Admin and go to Plugins page.
    4. Click on the ADD NEW button.
    5. Click on the UPLOAD PLUGIN button.
    6. Click BROWSE and choose your zip file you downloaded.
    7. Click the INSTALL NOW button.

    Also, in following this procedure….my existing files will remain in tact….right?


    Trevor Moderator

    That is correct.

    Trevor Moderator

    Can I just check though, you didn’t edit or modify any of our files, like the results.php file? As that might get overwritten.

    Carol Devlin

    Thanks Trevor for your responding so quickly!!

    No, I have not modified any files.

    Step #2 above says to: Download zip file of your plugin’s most recent version. And then, proceed with ADD NEW, UPLOAD PLUGIN, etc.

    Where do I get most most recent version of zip file?


    Trevor Moderator
    Carol Devlin

    Mission complete. Thank you.

    BTW: My license is due for renewal in May. Will it automatically renew, or will I have to manually do so?

    Trevor Moderator

    We don’t do automatic renewals, but you should get a reminder email I think.

    I will close this thread for now. Have a good weekend. Keep safe.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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