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  • timecltd

    We have a problem with pagination links..

    we want to use the default pagination links by wordpress /page/2 instead of /?sf_paged=2 this issue was raised by a SEO company and it needs to fix.

    Can you help or guide us to archive this setup?

    Trevor Moderator

    At the moment, our plugin needs for it to be /?_sf_paged=xxx, sorry. This may change in V3, due in a few months.


    Correction: *Can you help or guide us to achieve this setup?

    Hi Trevor,

    I will inform our team about this, looking forward for the V3.

    Trevor Moderator

    I am sorry, it can’t be done with the current version, so I can’t help you do this.

    Jakub Luty

    Hi Trevor

    Or has something changed on this subject? My client is also asking about the possibility of changing this URL parameter.

    Trevor Moderator

    We are working towards V3 for this feature:

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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