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  • Cesar Romero

    Hi again!

    I’m fighting for days with this plugin with diferent issues. And have even fear to updated after trying for several times and got finally a response to wait until it gets with no trouble anymore. Jesus!

    Now I find myself that pagination doesn’t work.

    I’ve wrote this:

    <?php $args = array(
    	'base'               => '%_%',
    	'format'             => '?paged=%#%',
    	'total'              => 1,
    	'current'            => 0,
    	'show_all'           => false,
    	'end_size'           => 1,
    	'mid_size'           => 2,
    	'prev_next'          => true,
    	'prev_text'          => __('« Previous'),
    	'next_text'          => __('Next »'),
    	'type'               => 'plain',
    	'add_args'           => false,
    	'add_fragment'       => '',
    	'before_page_number' => '',
    	'after_page_number'  => ''
    ); ?>
    <div class="pagination"><?php echo paginate_links( $args ); ?></div>

    Inside <main id="main"></main>

    On Pagination selector: .pagination

    After trying diferent kind of paginations. No one works. Have read the documentation, but clearly it doesn’t explain much:

    “Pagination Selector – So Search & Filter can recognise your pagination and updated the results with ajax, you must enter a CSS selector that matches your pagination – its must be on the anchor tags itself so it can grab the href attributes and fetch the results – ie: .pagination a”

    Am I missing something? Sorry but it’s like the fourth issue that I encounter whithout really solving any of them as going around.


    Trevor Moderator

    If your are using Ajax, for the pagination to work, the pagination container must be inside the Ajax container.


    this was a life saver. i didn’t find that to be obvious. thanks for this.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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