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  • Oris Carballosa

    Hello, thanks in advance for your help. Been breaking my head wondering what the issue is. A standard query will display all my posts within a custom posttype as seen here under “featured properties”

    The search results are incomplete, they are not displaying all the new posts. The count by the author name shows the correct amount of posts but the results are not. Test here:

    Thanks in advance

    Oris Carballosa

    I hit rebuild cache on the form and it now shows an updated list. I will have clients constantly adding “listings” is there something I will need to do?

    Trevor Moderator

    If you are adding posts from a front end submissions tool, that tool must make a call to our plugin to tell it that the posts has changed. See this action:

    This will trigger the same action in our plugin as though you had pressed the Update post button in the editor.

    The problem is arising because the script you are using is probably not using the WordPress save_post() function.

    Oris Carballosa

    Hey Trevor, any way I can set the plugin to do this periodically? As a cron job? The cache is not updating. Thanks in advance.

    Trevor Moderator

    There is not, sorry. What import tool/plugin are you using?

    Oris Carballosa

    WP All Import, i have to rebuild the cache to have all results show up.

    Trevor Moderator

    See this post (it might work):if using WP All Import, have you have included this code in functions.php?

    add_action('pmxi_saved_post', 'wp_all_import_post_saved', 10, 1);
    function wp_all_import_post_saved($id) {
        do_action('search_filter_update_post_cache', $id);

    As this (should) update our cache each time you use that plugin.

    Oris Carballosa

    ill give it a try thank you!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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