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  • Daniel Pope

    Is there anything else I may have to do other than create a new search form, set results to display by shortcode, add a category option to the form, then copy the shortcodes to a page for this to work? Have tried multiple options and configurations…I liked this plugin a lot before all the additional customizations in the admin panel. Is there any way to get the older version? If we cant get this working I will have to get a refund. I had to do that before cause it wasnt what they were looking for, now it is and you bollocksed it up.

    Trevor Moderator

    Daniel, I can see you are frustrated, so let me try to help you.

    Can you, in the first instance, show me the page with the search form on?

    Daniel Pope

    I cannot, I am on an internal development server. I am just gonna have to get a refund, I was able to write a filtering system myself that works quite well.

    Trevor Moderator

    We can do this using Skype video conference so we can share screens? At least give me a chance to help you? I really want to resolve this for you. At this stage I haven’t had a chance to even get a handle on what the issue really is. As it stands, I do not think you would qualify for a refund.

    Daniel Pope

    I am fine with not getting a refund, have figured out what the issue was(innodb issue using barracuda and the row format). I was not getting the error the caching tables are missing. Hope to have this fixed very shortly.

    Daniel Pope

    May help to change the query used to create the tables to include

    Trevor Moderator

    I will flag this to the devs.

    Daniel Pope

    one thing you may be able to help me with though is how to get fancybox working after filtering.

    Trevor Moderator

    After Ajax is used by S&F, your fancybox script needs to be reloaded. This is on our FAQ page, but you need to load the script again in the commented bit of this javascript code (you need to load the code on your page):

    $(document).on("sf:ajaxfinish", ".searchandfilter", function(){
      console.log("ajax complete");
      //so load your lightbox or JS scripts here again
    Daniel Pope

    Would I hook all that in with a seperate .js or do you think it will work loading on a page level? Such as within <script tags on a page template?

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 18 total)

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