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  • John Luhr

    When I do a search in the search box on this page, it doesn’t change the results.

    If I land there from another page, the results work. Just I can’t search from this page

    Trevor Moderator

    You appear to have two forms on the page (generally this will not work), and the results are linked to the one in the sidebar. What happens if you move the search box into that form and search from there?

    V3 will bring the possibility to split a form up and place the parts in different location on the page, but this is some months away yet.

    John Luhr

    Oh, dang. Removing the form or moving it doesn’t help, because actually there is a site wide form in the header as well. Is there any way to disable the form or something? At the moment it’s being hidden with javascript.

    Trevor Moderator

    The quickest way to ‘disable’ a form without deleting it is to set the Display Results Method to ‘Custom’ (assuming they are not already set as such). As most header included forms send the search to another page anyway, those are almost always best set as Custom.

    John Luhr

    Thanks for the quick reply. That would disable it on every page though wouldn’t it?

    I only want to disable it on the one page that the search results is on.

    Trevor Moderator

    If it is set to Custom, and points to the results page from the other pages, then hiding it using CSS for the results page will be safe an should leave it working on the other pages. The Custom method does not, in and of itself, hook it in to anything else on the page, and thus it should not interfere.

    John Luhr

    Hey Trevor,

    I did what you suggested, and moved the search to the other form, it is still not updating results.

    John Luhr

    Just found another error on this same page, I turned on infinite scroll and when I scroll down it shows every page instead of the results

    Trevor Moderator
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    John Luhr

    Everything here is sorted once again thanks Trevor 🙂

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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