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    I need a hand to achieve my form. I did a search form which search only on categories. This search form is on a page done on WPBakery. I would like to show results without the submit button.
    I give you the link :
    Thank you/

    Trevor Moderator

    The form works though, yes?

    Do you want the form to Auto Submit only (when a change is made it submits), or do you want to replace the search button with something else?

    The button is on the form because, in your design, you have added it to the form.


    Yes it works. I have different categories (F2, F3, F4, F5) and I want to be able to choose different categories (for example F2 an F3) and display the result like you did on your example with the movies.

    Trevor Moderator

    Do you have Auto Submit enabled in the form settings, on the General settings tab?


    No it’s disabled.

    Trevor Moderator

    Surely that needs to be enabled if you do not wish to press submit?


    But when I enable it I can’t select 2 choices. The result is load on a other page.


    My search form is on a page done with WP Bakery Builder, it’s not archive.php. This page display the posts of 5 categories.

    I noticed that when my submit button is enable the results appear on the archive.php.
    When I disable the submit button and select one or two choice, I noticed that nothing happen.

    Trevor Moderator

    You have two methods:

    With the submit button and no auto submit. You can make more than once choice, THEN SUBMIT.


    With Auto Submit ON, and no Submit button. You can make only one choice, then the form will submit.

    I am puzzled though. When I inspect the HTML for the results, it is not what I expect.

    Are you using

    WPBakery Visual Composer (I think it is this one), bought from


    WPBakery Page Builder (I think not), from


    I use the second one :

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 23 total)

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