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Forums Forums Search & Filter Pro Live Filtering WITHOUT using the Form? Or: Live Filter using Links?

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  • Lars Faye

    Is it possible to have a S&F template using the Custom method along with the form, but ALSO have a set of links the form that would filter the main taxonomy?

    Use Case: my client wants to place 5 images ABOVE the form that relate to the 5 main categories we’ll be filtering, and if a user clicks on one of them 5, it will live filter and auto-scroll them down to the results (as if they used the dropdown on the S&F form itself). I’ve linked to filtered results before using the query parameters that the plugin generates, but this would be a bit different since they want it to behave as if the form is being utilized (live filtering via AJAX), but they want a more visual layout.

    Trevor Moderator

    Not directly, no. You would need to have some custom javascript attached to these images that sets these choices in a form (even if that form is hidden). Having said that, other than these images, will the form be on the page and used? You could simply use CSS on the form to replace the normal form choices (maybe as radio buttons or checkboxes) with images?

    Lars Faye

    We’ll need the form, along with the main image “filters”, but I appreciate your approach/brainstorming.

    If I understand you correctly, to go the more custom javascript route, I just need to write a function that will emulate the change/select function of the taxonomy dropdown (it will be a dropdown in this case anyway)? That’s kind of what I figured, and I’ve just recently done something just like it for Mapify Pro, so I’ll just go that direction. I just wanted to make sure there wasn’t something I was missing that was built into S&F already.

    Thanks, as always, Trevor!

    Trevor Moderator

    Let me know how you get on Lars?

    Lars Faye

    Yes, I will circle back here and post my solution once this is done, in case it will be help for future users.

    Trevor Moderator


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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