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  • Constructive

    Currently when you link to custom search results the search doesn’t run until you type in the query into the search field same goes for going to the URL directly. Is there a way to link to a pre-filtered search and have a filter selected and have the query already in the field when a user gets there?

    Ross Moderator

    Sure, when you perform a search the URL should update.

    If it does not (and you have ajax enabled), then you need edit your search form, then head to –

    display results -> ajax -> make searches bookmarkable

    Once you do this, you can copy & paste the URL and its structure to generate whichever links you like.



    Under the AJAX section in Display Results I have the Load results using Ajax? and the Make searches bookmarkable? checked.

    This is the url I am trying to go to

    Nothing shows up until you type into the search field. Would there be another setting that I could check out to make it work?

    Ross Moderator

    Hey John

    I see there is a weird setting / implementation you have on your site.

    The search bar does not even belong to S&F (but a dev, probably you, did a clever hack to integrate that with our search form).

    If you use the inspector, you can see at:

    Your results are there, but they have opacity:0

    Somewhere in your custom implementation of the search bar, you have some code controlling this I think – or simply, in your markup, you have an inline style setting the opacity to 0 initially.

    You just need to make sure, on page load, that the opacity is not set to 0.

    Hope that helps


    Thanks so much. I can’t believe I overlooked that. Another question, I would like the search term to appear in the search field once I get to this page is that an option?

    Ross Moderator

    Hey John

    You could get the search term using the function here:

    And display that as the value of your input field in your markup.

    I think that should do the trick!


    Bryan Koevoets

    Hi! Can I also link to a pre-filtered page without the “ugly” parameters lik ?_sf_s=?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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