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  • Brian O’Neill

    Hi Trevor I am creating a site for a pilates company. They want to list all their classes on the homepage and have then filterable by day, teacher, type of class.

    I have pods installed and I have created the custom pods for each data type, I am just a little confused on how to display the data on the frontend.

    Can Search & Filter Pro directly display the data or do I need to do another step?

    I do have elementor pro if that helps. I am also not against using any other plugin for the custom posts if you think of a better one.

    Any advice or documentation link would be welcome.


    Trevor Moderator

    Classes would be the Post Type.

    Date/day would be a custom field.

    Type of class would be a taxonomy.

    The comes the question. We do not (yet) support relational type fields in PODS (we hope to in the future).

    Ideally, you would have Teacher as a separate Post Type, with a custom field holding that relationship. But for PODS we can’t support that, so it would have to be a simple Custom Field.

    If it were ACF you were using for the Custom Fields, and then maybe CPT UI to make the taxonomies and Post Types, we DO support a Post Type Object relational field.

    Your call really. Good that you are asking before making.

    Brian O’Neill

    Thanks Trevor. If I switch to ACF can I create the listUI in search and filter pro or do I need to use something else to create the list in the front end?

    Trevor Moderator

    I am not sure what you mean? The list of values you see in our form fields is dependent an their being classes with those terms added/saved.

    Brian O’Neill

    Basically I am stuck on how I actually display the list to the user.

    Do I create the list UI in elementor or if search and filter pro can show the list how do I style if and make it pretty?

    Trevor Moderator

    You add the options as fields in our form UI. Styling is down to you. You do not use Elementor, but instead you must manually style the form using Custom CSS.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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