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  • Sarah Little
    Trevor Moderator

    mmm. I see a 404 if I log out. Can you try logging out and back in again?

    Trevor Moderator

    In WPBakery Page Builder (was called Visual Composer), do you see the Post Grid elements?

    Here is a screenshot with the standard grids shown:

    Would you be able to use these? Our addon extension can be downloaded from …

    For Page Builder 5.5.0 and later (v0.1.1):

    For Page Builder before 5.5.0:

    This will also give you a Search & Filter form element for Page Builder. In the Page Builder Post Grid element settings, the Data Source needs to be set to Search & Filter, and then for you to select the form.

    In Search & Filter there will appear a new Visual Composer Display Results method.

    The pagination is set in the Page Builder Post Grid element settings.

    Sarah Little

    Thanks for the extra info. I installed the addon, but unfortunately, it really doesn’t help as I’d like the posts to display as a list (rather than grid).

    I assume it would be possible to change the data input for theme specific addons in the page builder but that’s not something you could help with — correct?

    Sarah Little

    OK — The results display comes out fine “as an archive.” I would just need to have the results show up on the same page as the search form. I’d also like all results to show up before a search is performed instead of a blank page.

    Would that be easier to configure?

    Trevor Moderator

    To get the results to display in the same page the template file you choose has to match the original template file for that page, and you enter the page name in the results URL setting.

    Sarah Little

    I copy-pasted the template file content into a few custom template file for the page and entered the filename for the custom template. Did not see a setting for results URL so put the URL in the ‘set a slug?’ setting. It looks terrible.

    I really just want a simple way to display the results on the same page as the search form that doesn’t look terrible. I haven’t been able to accomplish that for any of my pages despite hours of trying different options with the plugin. I’m out of ideas. Unless you have any new ideas, can I please get a refund so I can try another plugin? I’m spent.

    Trevor Moderator
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Viewing 8 posts - 11 through 18 (of 18 total)

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