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  • Frank Gavila

    Our company has a Search & Filter Pro developer license which we renewed on 18 July, 2019. Invoice 238096. I updated to WordPress V5.2.2 and subsequently updated all the plugin’s Once of which was Search & Filter Pro. Upgrading from v2.4.5 to V2.4.6. I have verified, re-entered, and re-activated the license. But each attempt to update the plugin yields the error message “Update Failed: Download failed. Unauthorized”. At the time I renewed the license, I also downloaded the plugin. When I attempt to manually install the plugin. I get this error message.
    “Unpacking the packageā€¦
    Installing the pluginā€¦
    Destination folder already exists. /home4/g4635124/public_html/gama-test/wp-content/plugins/search-filter-pro/
    Plugin installation failed.”
    I selected to delete the plugin and install it from scratch, but the information message read “Delete plugin and it data”. Our site is significantly dependent on the plugin and it was unclear what “the data” included and I declined deleting the plugin.
    Please advise how do I fix this?
    Carl R

    Trevor Moderator

    It is possible that the domain you are using and the one registered in Your Account are different.

    As long as this setting is as shown (NOT selected), it is safe to delete and reinstall:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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