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  • Kevin Kelly

    The format of my dates in DB is YYYY-MM-DD. How is it possible to change the formation of date searches?

    Thanks in advance, Kevin

    Ross Moderator

    Hi Kevin

    It looks like your license is expired. Please renew to continue to receive support.

    In regards to your question, this would be a case of editing the values using a custom script or possibly a plugin – it also depends on how they’ve been added in the first place.


    Kevin Kelly

    I renew my licence. Have a script or a plugin idea ?

    Ross Moderator

    Hi Kevin

    So you would create a WP loop to go through the post type you want, and in that loop you would update post meta like this:

    Now, what you actually want to do, is replace the original post meta with the new formatted data.

    So you would get the existing post meta (using get_post_meta function), convert it using PHP date function:
    And save it back to the post using update_post_meta all in that loop.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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