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  • Quagga

    and one more idea…

    support for wp-page-navi

    i use it with sear&filter pro, why not with custom layouts 🙂

    ps : sorry for sending several post, I had one idea withoud knowing I would have more 🙂

    Krzysztof Jabłoński

    Support tab not working. It does not display the tickets you have added.

    Trevor Moderator

    Hi Krzysztof

    Check in the licences section to make sure that your licence has not expired. These forums are not monitored regularly any longer, so you would need to use the email address, which would raise a ticket for you automatically. Also, try a different browser to access the tab.

    Krzysztof Jabłoński

    Hello. I have been in touch with your support. They have already fixed the problem. I tested on several browsers. I guess something with the cache was your site’s problem.

    Trevor Moderator

    I was just about to type a reply to say it has been fixed.

    François Chapelle


    I understand the idea behind the plugin and the new approach but the fact that the old way does not work anymore is not really helpful.

    I had a nice custom php template for my search and filter ( that got deleted after each update hence the fact that I did not update for so long ).

    But now it does not work at all. As I’m only using a single search filter on my website I simply edited the results.php in the template folder, but the old way of creating a custom php file was really nice and easy, I don’t understand why this functionnality was removed.

    Trevor Moderator

    That functionality (using the Shortcode method with a results template) has not been removed, If you edited the template file inside our plugin folder, that would have been the issue. Please see the correct method here:

    Also note that your licence for support has expired.



    I’m thinking about something !

    I do also have a great and quite “advanced” php custom template for results.

    With custom layouts, which is nice we can buit it from the ui, cool, but it’s far from being as flexible as a php template, obviously, and far from being flexible enough for my taste yet, but if we could create php templates for “cards” and that those templates would be loaded in the selector when we built a layout, then we could get the best of both worlds


    Trevor Moderator

    Well ….

    Would you be wanting to simply replace the entire ‘card’ content with that PHP?

    Ale Sego

    Hi Trevor.

    First of all thx for the plugin, i´ve been using since 2016 and it is the main feature of my site

    You can check it here

    And know my question: is there a way to show my categories, posts and taxonomies pages with ¿Custom Layouts?


    Best regards from Málaga (Spain)

Viewing 10 posts - 11 through 20 (of 30 total)

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