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    Hi would it be possible to have the css styling you used on your demo page?
    There is basicly no css in the search form when creating one from scratch after i installed the paid plugin.


    especially the drop down box for dates from and to fields.
    mine dont display the to field, just the from field and it does not have the drop down calendar when you click on it


    it’s called jquery date picker i think, how do i activate it? how i get the TO field for the date range?

    Trevor Moderator

    CSS is specific to each different theme, so what you see in the demo, in the main, is from the theme being used. If there is something specific you need to do, please show me your form and maybe an example (live) of what you want.

    The ‘To’ field appears if you have the form field settings as a range. Right now you will have it set to a single value, like this:


    ok i understand, so i need to add a jquery plugin date picker to make it look like your demo.
    My options for the date range is not shown like your printscreen, i don’t have the top tabs and the meta section


    I see there is some css being used here for the date picker:

    but the date picker does not show up unless i install another plugin “wp date picker”

    Why is it not included in your plugin?

    Trevor Moderator

    Our plugin comes already with the jQueryUI datepicker. All you need to do is make the selection in the Post Meta Form field type as I showed.

    Trevor Moderator

    … then our plugin will load this.

    Trevor Moderator
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    This css class .ll-skin-melon .ui-widget
    is adding blue background to the header inside the date picker
    Why does this css is there but the datepicker popup to choose the date is not showing up until i add another plugin “wp datepicker” ? where do i choose the basic style for the date picker and is it normal the date picker does not show up using just your plugin? With only your plugin the date field is only fillable manualy, there is no date picker popup

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 22 total)

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