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  • Cynthia Hirschhorn

    Click on the “Filter Projects” on the nav bar.

    Theres 3 sections with 3-4 category sections. Can your plugin do this? Does each section have to be its own short code? If you select multiple check boxes it queries the results together. If so can you instruct us in how to go about it?

    Thank you

    Trevor Moderator

    You would need to have three taxonomies (called custom taxonomies) att ached to the post type you are searching. Ideally, you would not be using the default WordPress ‘Posts’, but have a custom post type, for example, looking at the exemplar site you gave, you would have:

    A custom post type called ‘Projects’ (slug projects)

    and that CPT would have three custom Taxonomies called:

    ‘Region’ (slug region)
    ‘Status’ (slug status)
    ‘Infrastructure Type’ (slug infrastructure)

    If you do not have the means or understanding to make these, a plugin called Custom Post Type UI will aid you.

    When you have posts with taxonomy terms attached, you can then make the form based on these. The layout can be achieved with Custom CSS (I can help you with this).

    If you already have posts and categories in your site, then get back to me, as some restructuring would be needed (for which there are tools to help you, as it is not uncommon to have to do this).

    Cynthia Hirschhorn

    So I would have to create the custom taxonomies then have the categories that we want in each of the custom taxonomies?

    Cynthia Hirschhorn

    ok so then the custom taxonomies would be:

    and below are the categories we want them to be in.

    Custom Taxonomies: Inspirations

    Categories under the custom taxonomies:

    Custom Taxonomies: Topics
    Categories under the custom taxonomies:

    Cynthia Hirschhorn

    Yes we have lots of posts and categories on the site. This is the page we want it on:

    Under the title description.

    Thank you!

    Trevor Moderator
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    Cynthia Hirschhorn

    ok awesome ! Please let me know me when is the best time.

    Trevor Moderator
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Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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