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  • Juan Gonzalez

    Hi! I would like to know if there is a hook or something that I could use to alter the value of a filter before getting the posts. What I want to do is a range that works as follows:
    I have a post type that has a price meta value. The price can be any number.
    I have a search filter for that meta value and whant it to be a range field, with the min value being 1 and the max value being 100.
    I want that, if anyone select 100 as the max value, the results would show that have 100 or more as their value.

    As far as I know, I can’t accomplish this using the form settings when creating the search form, so what I was looking for, is to have a way to do execute a code like:

    If ( field_value == max_field_value) {
    field_value = 99999999

    Thanks in advanced!

    Trevor Moderator

    There may well be a way, yes. Are you able to send me a live link/URL to your search page so I can take a look?

    Juan Gonzalez
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    Trevor Moderator

    It may be that you can do this using this filter:

    If you need help with the coding, I would need to refer this to our plugin developer, Ross, for his input.

    Juan Gonzalez

    Hi Trevor, thanks for the response. I tried using the hooks that you mention but it seems the search filter values are not passed in that query, this is what the var_dump of the query looks like

    array (size=10)
      'paged' => int 1
      'search_filter_id' => int 156
      'search_filter_override' => boolean false
      'posts_per_page' => int 5
      'post_status' => 
        array (size=1)
          0 => string 'publish' (length=7)
      'meta_query' => 
        array (size=3)
          0 => 
            array (size=4)
              'key' => string 'end_date' (length=8)
              'value' => string '20210205' (length=8)
              'type' => string 'DATE' (length=4)
              'compare' => string '>=' (length=2)
          1 => 
            array (size=4)
              'key' => string 'status' (length=6)
              'value' => string 'closed' (length=6)
              'type' => string 'CHAR' (length=4)
              'compare' => string '!=' (length=2)
          2 => 
            array (size=4)
              'key' => string 'status' (length=6)
              'value' => string 'cancelled' (length=9)
              'type' => string 'CHAR' (length=4)
              'compare' => string '!=' (length=2)
      'post_type' => string 'property' (length=8)
      'is_search' => boolean true
      'orderby' => 
        array (size=1)
          'date' => string 'DESC' (length=4)
      'lang' => string 'en' (length=2)

    so the values for the price and other filters are not being passed in that array.

    Ross Moderator

    Hi Juan

    I’ve been doing a pass of these forums and realised I had never got back to you, apologies.

    Unfortunately I can’t see a way to do what you want.

    Essentially the issue is that the meta query for price is not in the query – and that’s because we peform that part in a custom query, and return the IDs.

    So right now, I can’t see a way for you to condtionally modify those filters.

    I’m going to tag this post with v3 – as in, something I would like to add to v3, once the intial release is out.


    Juan Gonzalez

    Hi Ross, thanks for the response, it’s a shame is not currently possible. I’ll look forward to it.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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