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  • Neal Burns

    Hi Ross,

    I know I’ve been hammering you with help, but I have one (last one, I hope) more question about filtering results by categories.

    I’ve searched the support tickets and feature requests and it looks like this may be a feature that is on the way, but I’m trying to get realtor search results to show in different types/categories of homes.

    For instance, when a viewer checks “Featured Listings,” the search filter brings back all types home listings – Sold, Short Sales, not just Featured Listings.

    I’ve created a custom search2.php template, but can’t get it to filter the results for only the category specified. Do you know of any way to set a specific category in the chosen search.php template?



    Ross Moderator

    Hey again Neal haha 😉

    Do you mean when you click on the “featured listings page” the results that are shown by default? You wish to limit/or constrain the visible posts with a set of “defaults”, ie the possible categories that the search form can search in (just like you can specify the post types)?


    Neal Burns

    Sorry, I don’t think I explained that very well. I have the filter loading into specific category template pages:

    Featured Listings
    Short Sales

    These individual pages are set to show each respective category only. However, when the filter is run, it brings up listings from the other categories.

    If a viewer goes to Featured Listings, I’m trying to find a way to for the Search & Filter plugin to find only results from the Featured Listing category, but it displays all categories of Listings. So like you said, I guess I do wish to limit/or constrain the visible posts after filtering to a specific category.

    I think that this is not an out of the box plugin feature as of yet, but I was wondering if you knew of a method to filter by category in the search.php template.

    For example this page should not show “18173 Santa Sophia Cir, Fountain Valley, CA 92708” after you run the filter form for All Properties, All Beds… –

    Also, I’ve created different search.php templates that show specific category results, but none seem to work with the plugin yet.

    Hope this all makes sense.

    Thanks again!

    Ross Moderator

    Hey Neal

    This is not possible yet I’m afraid… :/ What will need to happen is a combination of things…

    1) I will need to set up the defaults feature I was talking about above…


    2) You will need to create seperate search forms for each category, and set up the default category to work..!

    Whats wrong with the search templates you’ve created?

    Neal Burns
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    Ross Moderator
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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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