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Forums Forums Search & Filter Pro Can I remove "_sft_" from the URL parameters?


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  • Eric Wenger

    When I use a filter, it adds something like “&_sft_wood-species=hickory” to the URL. Is there a way to make it “&wood-species=hickory”?

    Eric Wenger

    I think I’ve probably conquered what I needed this for. From a UI perspective, it still would be really nice if the terms wouldn’t have to have _sft_ prepended to them. But I think I can live with my solution for now. If there is a way to remove _sft_ I’d still love to hear, but otherwise I’m good for now.

    Trevor Moderator

    The query parameters is something we will be addressing in V3 (hopefully due Spring 2020) to make them more ‘pretty’.

    Should I close this thread for now?

    Rafael Dias
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    Eric Wenger

    Sure, you can close

    Mike Prince

    I presume this hasn’t happened yet? Is there any update?

    I would also like to remove the _sft_ prefix to leave user-friendly URLs.

    Trevor Moderator

    It will come when we release V3, which we are currently estimating in a few months time.

    Ross Moderator

    V3 is finally getting closer. After a few u-turns and a bumpy road, we are nearly there.

    To keep upto date, its probably best to follow this thread:

    Or follow our updates on Twitter


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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