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  • Timon Jaehnert

    So I only have Search and Filter enabled on the Woocommerce Shop Page, and when I added another plugins shortcode to my FAQ page, which does not have Search and Filter on it, for some reason the Search and Filter shows up on the page!!!!!


    which means that search and filter pro needs to be updated, so that when a shortcode gets added to a page, that it doesn’t automatically insert itself into the page.

    Trevor Moderator

    I can see that the form is in the page sidebar. Did you add it there in Widgets -> Sidebars?

    In which case, it looks like your theme probably uses the same sidebar on all pages. You would need to make the appearance of the widget conditional using a plugin like this:

    It depends which pages in WooCommerce you would want to show it on, but if you want all WooCommerce pages I think the logic code is is_woocommerce()

    But, the variations of rules you can apply are endless.

    Timon Jaehnert

    awesome it fixed now, one other thing on my homepage, which is also the woocommerce shop page I have the search and filter pro on the right side and if say I do a search in the main search box for like “purple”, the search shows 3 purple items, but then if I want to filter those three items by hightest or lowest price with the search and filter pro, so I click on the highest price radio button, the filter than doesn’t work properly since it also shows products other than the color purple, and those that don’t have the “purple” tag on them.

    Trevor Moderator

    Ah. Ideally, you need to remove that main header search bar/field/box and place a search field in our form. At the moment, the two cannot talk to each other, so our form does not know you searched for Purple.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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