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  • Otomo Takehiko

    Nice to meet you.

    From temporary website, I moved to the official website.

    I applied for the site on the account page.
    In addition, the temporary website deactivates the access key, and the official website changes the access key to active.
    Currently, “Search & Filter Pro” is not functioning on the official website.
    Does it take time to change?

    Are there any other procedures?

    I can not do English. Translated by Google translation.
    I will excuse you with funny sentences.

    Otomo Takehiko

    “Auto Detect” of “From / To Fields” of “Post Meta” did not work.
    I did not understand why it did not work. It worked manually.
    Please let us know if you know the answer of this person about this.
    English is also good. Thank you.

    Trevor Moderator

    Range fields (whether slider or to/from), if set to auto detect, does not ‘react’ to changes made in other fields in the form. This is intentional, as to do so could have undesirable consequences. Read more about this here:

    If that is not the issue, please get back to me.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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