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  • Anna Kumorek

    Great plugin.
    I need your help explaining to me how I can filter archive post by two categories.
    For example, I have the 2 post categories Country and City.
    I create form with this categories and child of parents.
    In result, I only wants to see posts that meet both conditions not all post from example with category USA but post with category Country – USA and City – Arizona (wchich user select in UI form).
    Best regards,

    Trevor Moderator

    Are you able to send me a live link/URL to your search page so I can take a look?

    I suspect, from what you say, that you are using Category twice, once for Country and once for City, which will not work.

    This video may help (made for a different user):

    That Hipster term seemed to have 12 posts, but in fact had none! Something wrong with my posts (too much playing on a development site).

    I apologize for the sound and presentational quality. It was early in my morning, so I was barely awake!

    Anna Kumorek
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    Trevor Moderator

    You need fields with these options:

    Heading: Rozpoznanie

    Terms: cukrzyca, Lupus, SLE, stenty, toczeń rumieniowaty układowy, zawał

    Heading: Obszar terapeutyczny

    Terms: Alergologia, Choroby metaboliczne, Choroby wewnętrzne, Diabetologia, Endokrynologia, Kardiologia, Neurologia, Reumatologia

    Heading: Miasto

    Terms: Kraków, Wrocław

    As in my video, I showed you must have three custom taxonomies with these terms in, and not use Category.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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