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  • Trevor Moderator

    Hi Ale

    Can you open a ticket on our new Support Forum (link at the top of the page), so I can answer you there, as there support forums are closed for now?

    Whilst it doesn’t say it can be used on Archive pages, Custom Layouts can be used with Search & Filter on Archive pages, as well as single pages.

    Ashley Visagie

    Is there any way to make the custom layout responsive for mobile?

    The horizontal template works well on desktop but it is not responsive?

    Trevor Moderator

    You can set the responsive breakpoints in the Custom Layouts plugin settings page.

    Then look for this icon button and click it. You will see alternative choices for number of columns:

    But, at this time, it is not possible (other than using your own custom CSS), to change the template layout.

    jimmy menezes

    Full elementor integration would be very useful.
    Making collapse accordions at the moment is a hassle with adhoc solution (multiple S&F forms in seperate html containers, then using js to open close collapse or css but you’ll have to do some work to get it to look nice )at the moment.

    But would be worth the money more if the shortcode wouldn’t be necessary
    Support with is nice, but still lot to be desired still.

    Love the plugin so far and styling could use a boost!

    Trevor Moderator

    What you are asking for will come with v3. Ross recently wrote an update here regarding progress:

    As is mentioned in the post, we’re working hard on getting this out as soon as possible – and it shouldn’t be too much longer now.

    Thanks for your support and patience.


    I have a question about using the Custom Layouts plugin with the Search and Filter plugin. Is there a way to have taxonomy links in a Custom Layouts template display the archives with ajax on the same page instead of sending people to a separate archives page? I think I need do do something to change those taxonomy links. I left the same question on the Custom Layouts website as a blog comment and on Ross M.’s Twitter. Thanks. ~ Thad

    Trevor Moderator

    Hi Thad

    That is not a feature of Custom Layouts, and I am sorry, I cannot think of a way it might be done.


    Thanks for the quick reply. At least you have the Custom Layouts template feature to turn off the archive links. That is a very nice feature in this case, because I can turn off the links since they don’t work as wanted. … By the way, nice plugins. They are powerful when used together.

    Ed Medina


    Jan. 2021 was the time period slated for the customized design capability for the forms. Is that something that has happened yet?

    Trevor Moderator

    V3 beta testing is about to begin in the next few days.

Viewing 10 posts - 21 through 30 (of 30 total)

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